Currently working under the moniker Bit Trading Co. My services include, but aren’t limited to: pre-production consultation, on-set data backup, audio syncing, sarcasm, transcodes and renders, cloud upload for dailies, 15th hour cheerleading, file processing, FTP transfers, coffee consumption, file delivery, cold storage and archiving. I’ve spent nearly all of this decade freelancing as a DIT for commercial and film productions.

Having grown up in the north east, I moved to the Emerald City 20 some odd years ago, after falling in love with the mix of tech & the outdoors. I’m a geek from the way back days, obsessed with gear, my family, and sailing. Most at home in a sun drenched cockpit at the helm, assuming my iPhone has a signal. I am strangely prepared, for the coming robot uprising.

Reach out –

Reach out to me via the standard methods, or perhaps explore a different idea; a singing telegram, a sky writer, maybe a note taped to a puppy. You decide.